When you engage Amanda as your Interior Designer, you’re taking advantage of years of experience and a finely tuned ability to curate spaces for our clients’ personal taste and functional requirements. Let us list a few of the reasons why you need an Interior Designer for your project:

1. Confident Decision Making | Let us take the guess work out of making selections for your Interior Design or Decoration project. We will create an overall look and feel for your home and from this all following decisions will fall into place seamlessly.

2. Time Saving | We have access to a large range of suppliers and local trades people who will help make our designs a reality. We know what we can achieve within your budget, how to get the best result possible and we’ll also make sure it works cohesively with your design scheme.

3. We Think Of The Details | Every opportunity for detail and consideration will be taken. The secret to an elevated interior is all in the details and we will not leave a single stone unturned. We make sure to get the most out of every interior that we work on so that we end up with a seamless and authentic feeling design.

4. Realistic Budget Planning | We will help you curate an Interior Design Concept that will realistically be feasible within your project budget. Being clever with prioritising different elements of your project will allow us to get the most out of your budget while achieving the look and feel that you’re hoping for.

5. Appearances Are Everything! | We’ll make your home look good – simple as that! We pride ourselves on our ability to translate your personality into your Interior. We love it when our clients come with their own ideas and will always be delighted to take these into consideration but it is not a pre-requisite. We will create the concept for your home by talking to you, looking at the architecture of your home and considering any existing spaces or pieces that you’d like us to incorporate. 

…We could go on all day!

Every Interior Designer charges a little differently based on their studio size, experience and clientele. At ACP Studio we prefer to charge on a fixed price basis. This means that before you sign our proposal you will have a big picture understanding of our Scope Of Works and all Interior Design Fees based on your individual project. We curate a full proposal for you with each element itemised so that our clients can move forward with confidence, knowing their full budget for the project. 

Want more information on how much the Interior Design for your new project will cost? Get in touch so that we can provide a proposal for you.

Each Interior Design and Decoration Project is unique and will require a different amount of time. Just like we curate a pricing proposal for your project, we’ll also provide with you an estimated project schedule which outlines each phase and how long each might take. We can however share a few generalised time guides with you.

Interior Decoration Project 1-6 Spaces | 2-3 Week Project Turnaround

Interior Decoration Project 7-15 Spaces | 3-4 Week Project Turnaround

Interior Design Project / 3 Bedroom House Full Renovation | 8-10 Week Project Turnaround

Absolutely not! Every project, no matter the size presents a unique and exciting experience for us (we love what we do) and we will be delighted to help. Whether it’s a kitchen, bedroom or a living room, get in touch with us so that we can discuss how your project will work and how much it will cost.

Our Interior Design Studio is based in Alexandria, Sydney and so naturally the majority of our projects are in the Greater Sydney Area. We do however regularly work with clients based in all states in Australia, predominately Victoria, Queensland and Perth. Get in touch with us to find out how your project would work if you’re outside of New South Wales.

We provide a wide range of service to our clients, including but not limited to the following;

Interior Design Projects

  • Interior Renovation Works including designing any structural and spatial changes required.
  • Interior Design for New Build Projects
  • Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry design projects
  • Custom joinery design
  • Custom fireplace design
  • Selection of all finishes & FFE including cornices, skirting etc throughout
  • Selection of all window furnishings
  • Design of lighting and electrical layouts throughout
Interior Decoration Projects
  • Furniture layout and selection throughout
  • Custom furniture design and specification
  • Homeware and decor selection throughout
  • Wall treatment selection including wallpaper, paint colours etc
  • Decorative lighting selection throughout
  • Artwork selection and curation
  • Procurement and delivery management
  • Full project management services
Find out more about our services offering and design menu here

It’s very important that our personalities align well and that we both have the same objectives for the project, that’s why we start every project with a phone call and an initial meeting. We will get to know each other and will discuss your project and our processes in detail before anyone signs on the dotted line.

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